Ty’s interview on the Mrs. Green’s World Radio Show–May 5, 2012

You can listen to my interview with Mrs. Green in Tucson, AZ, May 5, 2012, following this link:  Ty’s Mrs. Green’s World interview.  One correction: I mis-spoke saying the La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica was on the Pacific coast; it is on the Atlantic slope.

I met Mrs. Green through a science communication fellowship program, the Rachael Carson Scholars put together by the University of Arizona’s Institute of the Environment.  Mrs. Green contributed to the fellowship awards.  Her radio show, Mrs. Green’s World, focuses on sustainability and environmental science, especially emphasizing the US desert southwest.  On this show, though, she gave me the opportunity to branch out and talk about tropical forest research.  She recognized the relevance of this research to the desert southwest.  The responses of tropical forests to climate change (in the case of the Amazon, a warming and drying climate) will strongly feed back to in turn drive climate change.  Our studies are therefore relevant to other parts of the planet that may face particularly strong effects from climate change, such as the US desert southwest.

In this interview, we do a broad sweep across the tropical forest research projects I’ve been involved in.  There is too much to cover in one interview, so maybe when I get back from the Amazon we will have to do another!  I’m currently writing this post from the Tropical Hotel in Santarém, Pará, Brazil, situated along Amazon river in the eastern third of the Amazon basin.  I’m working on some posts from our research and fun here so far, so stay tuned and hopefully they will come soon.

Once more, here’s the link to the interview, enjoy!  Ty’s Mrs. Green’s World interview

You can also click these logos below to see theMrs. Green’s World site, the University of Arizona’s Institute of the Environment home page, and our research group’s websit.